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    Brainstorm-Answers the question of what happens after we die-because it is recorded, can we do that yet?

    Altered States-answers the question about what came before…and what happens after we die. A history of mankind through hallucinogens and sensory deprivation floatation tanks

    Forest Gump-shows us that there is no purpose to life. We are all just feathers on the wind, seizing opportunities that come and go and that our decisions as to confronting those opportunities shape life and will determine death. But we maximize the experience of life by capitalizing on the gifts we recognize in ourselves.

    Hector and the Search for Happiness- the answer to what to do while we are here in this life. Sharing ourselves with the world seems to bring the most fulfillment.

    Jesus Christ Superstar/Godspell- the son of man was a man. We are all men. The Jesus figure was a rabbi, a teacher explaining the Jewish traditions in a palpable format so as to be understood by the common man. We are all sons of a life-force that is begotten and only survives as love. Love is the answer, it is the notion that defies all animal instincts and allows mankind to rise above animal. Our capacity to embrace this force is our essence. That and cognitive processing…leading to

    Ex Machina-can a machine be sentient, a person or is its action mere replication of its programming. If that is the case, then what is man? And what separates us from the machine?

    Defending Your Life-stop living a fear based life. Act with conviction and purpose.