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    Date: 08/29/2003

    It does not take the listener long to realize that Marc Belloni, already a pioneer in so many fields, continues to innovate in the latest CD offering, Indeed! Should a cool-minded Martian come to New Orleans, it would take him more than 1,000 CDs before he could begin to find a similar sound. Considering the emancipation of music in the locale…..that is an astonishing thought.

    Marc’s initial impact is complex and total from my experience. It is only gradually that one begins to realize the range of his capabilities. the songwriter, the musician and the vocalist are all highlighted in this CD. From the bluesy, New Orleans sound of Red Beans and Rice to the rocker Felony Melanie (written during his law school tour) to the warmly personal and sensitive ballard, Independent Film, Marc immerses himself wholly in the mood and the material. His sense of humor and sharp wit is evident throughout. This CD provides considerable indication that Marc continues to mature musically and there is no predicting in which direction Marc’s music will branch out. I hope however, on the basis of this one, there will be further CDs that reflect the ingenuity and talent of Marc Belloni for all to enjoy.   Indeed!

    Adrian “Bulldog” Colon, Jr.

    All Songs Written By: Marc Belloni*
    *except “Way It Go” written by Marc E. Belloni, Jim Bercaw & Beau Gelpi (with music by CL10)
    All Songs Produced & Engineered By: Matt Beeson
    CD Mastered at Piety Street Recroding / John Fischbeck

    Photography by Jordan Epstein • Designed by GivensGracia

    All songs ©2004 by Marc Belloni
    Special Thanks To Those Who Inspired This Music:
    Carly DiCosola, Sarah Dungen, Michelle Moore, Amanda Boyden
    Adrian “The Bulldog” Colon, Gretchen Mol, Jeff Winn, Food
    Special Thanks To Those Who Provide Inspiration To Keep Going:
    Mom & Dad, Family elements out of town, Jim McCormick
    The Daily Cohorts: Marty, Gina, Carol, Sylvia
    Terry & Michelle & the yet unnamed, The Wit’s Inn Contingent
    Greg, Jaime & Alexander, Maw Maw & Paw Paw Tangman
    Thurbuck, The Clan Bearclaw, Kendra Maquet
    Special Gratz To Fred & Ali – Love & Luck

    Track List