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    Using a 1 lb. bag of Camilla red kidney beans the following ingredients and steps should be followed:

    1. soak beans overnight and spice with some Tony Chacherie’s seasoning
    2. the next day, pour out that water and begin anew by filling pot with water 1 inch above the bean line
    3. bring to a boil then put stove to simmer
    4. add the following finely chopped veggies:
      • 3-4 onions (per pound) (I use all different colored onions- yellow, white, and purple)
      • green onions (the whole bunch sans the rubberband)
      • 3 stalks of celery
      • 2 bell pepper
      • 2 medium sized carrots (you really gotta chop these good)
      • fresh green jalapeno peppers or chili peppers (for to decrease the heat, deseed the buggers)
    5. green spices: I use basil, thyme, oregano, and whole bay leaves; this is discretionary and you may add your own touch to this requirement
    6. other spices: Tony Chacherie or Duke’s; I use 4-5 different hot sauces like Tabasco, Crystal, Ass in the Tub etc.
    7. OK, now stir a bit while this cooks down; it will get thick so here’s the kicker: instead of adding water to keep the desired consistency, use a dark beer. I like Sam Adams, Turbodog from Abita, or a Pete’s Wicked Ale
    8. meat: I throw in a turkey sausage because it is typically less greasy and I don’t throw in ham or andouille sausage or butter or mash the beans on the side- there is no need to as you will see
    9. cook til done, anywhere from 3-5 hours; keep an eye on iot and don’t let the bottom layer burn!